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#11 Spontaneity W/ Dr. Jonathan Gingerich

December 7, 2019

If you have ever felt like you aren't able to make a big lifestyle change because it isn't within your power, this podcast will do wonderful things for you. Today I spoke with a really cool guy. His name is Dr. Jonathan Gingerich. He has studied at pretty much every elite University ever (Harvard, UCLA, Georgetown etc). Now, you might be thinking: sure, those are some good Universities, but why should I listen to this podcast? Well, Jonathan wrote his PhD on spontaneity. Jonathan and I spoke about the reasons why spontaneity is so important. One claim that Jonathan makes is that moments of human brilliance (e.g. Music, Art, Whatever), seem to arise out of instances where an individual can be spontaneous. There is also a degree of peacefulness and stillness that I feel when I realise that I can, within the boundaries of the confines of my universe (social, legal and economic boundaries), do whatever I want whenever I want to. Enjoying Aleks Listens? You can support it on Patreon, — for more of my work, visit — or follow me on instagram @alekslistens — or subscribe on YouTube ~~~~ sending love your way, Aleks

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